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Mentor Caleb addressing the learnura princesses

Purity 2018: A Conference To Remember – a narrative by Babanifemi

It is common knowledge that hosting a conference is hard work. Hosting a successful conference? That’s a totally different ball game. Hard work alone may not give positive results. It takes a mash-up of hard work, determination, and discipline put in by a group of people ready to give their all, whatever it takes. Is it therefore, any surprise that the Learnura Sisters’ conference was a success?

Working with the whisper of an idea, they produced the small time conference of a lifetime. From the very beginning the girls of the Learnura Initiative purposed to make their sisters’ conference an event to remember. A committee was set up, plans were made and discarded, people were given positions and tasks to carry out, e-fliers and invites were sent over and over to members of the public. It was a whirlwind of activities, even before the big day.

As with all great events, it had its rocky times. There were misunderstandings, quarrels and at a point, it seemed the conference would be nothing but a dream. Again? The girls stepped up to the plate. Despite many fights, a photo-shoot was scheduled, decisions were made and much needed supplies were gotten.

The day of the Learnura Sisters’ conference met the girls ready… sort of. Prayers were offered to God and preparations were underway. The kitchen became a hive of activity, with girls all over, everyone doing something to lighten the load; and if you thought their talents were limited to the kitchen, watching them in action would definitely make you think again. While much-needed food was being prepared, another team of able girls with amazing creative abilities were already setting up the venue, the Idia Hall television room. Everything was shaping up just right.

At the beginning of the program, there was a time lapse. The clock was ticking fast and only a few of the girls were present. A lot of things still needed to be done and there was a lot of scrambling around. A few words from the chief host, mentor Caleb Ojo and the girls collected themselves together. The crisis was averted. From the time the history of the initiative was being recounted, it was obvious that the girls had things in control and that the program was going to turn out fine.

The first speaker was a soft spoken, intelligent lady who spoke factually and carefully about the theme of the day: purity. She took it to a whole new level as she broadened her scope on the topic. She informed all present that purity was bigger than its connection to the sexual aspect of the human life. She also pointed out that it was a thing of the mind and cut across all areas of living. She added that it was to be deliberately implemented in our everyday lives to make the desired impact. Girls present were dutifully taking notes and it was indeed an eventful speech.

The main speaker, Mrs. Titilope Adigun, of Mine Teenage Ministry, was also a gifted speaker. While she agreed with and made reference to the first speaker, she focused more on the sexual aspect of the theme. It was a wonderfully interactive session filled with laughs and comments from the audience as a result of the speaker’s jokes and anecdotes. The photographer of the event, Elim photography, took shots as the program went on.

The two ‘Mistresses of Ceremony’ chosen were livewires that kept the audience entertained and involved with their repertoire of witty comments and games. It was an ‘all hands on deck’ event as all members performed one task or the other. For instance, as some people were dishing the refreshments, others were serving. As a result, everyone present was served and satisfied as the ‘Question and Answer’ session progressed. The program ended with the vote of thanks and so the great conference was concluded.

In a man’s world, it is somewhat rare to see a woman who is ready to stand up to the status quo and make a difference.

Seeing this group of Amazons: determined, diligent and disciplined young ladies take their first official step to greatness and beyond, was a thing of joy. So, well done Learnura Amazons, and thank you, for making ‘Purity 2018’ truly a conference to remember.

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