The eagerly awaited Learnura sister’s conference held yesterday, 10th November 2018 at the prestigious Queen Idia hall, University of Ibadan. The event which was open to all females, started around 10am, having in attendance Learnurites and other invited guests.

The theme of the conference was “Purity”.

The welcome address was given by a Learnurite, Miss Adegbaju Deborah and she appreciated everybody for taking time out to attend the event. She also implored everyone present to listen with open hearts so as to profit from whatever will be discussed during the conference.

The next speech which was a talk on “Purity and all it entails” was given by an invited guest, a masters student of the department of Human Nutrition in the University of Ibadan, Miss Anuoluwapo Ogundero. She talked about how life is filled with choices and how it is up to us to make right choices. Amongst many other things that she said, she said that purity is a state of the heart so our hearts should not be filled with junks. She rounded up her speech by asking us to always check ourselves to know when our “far” is indeed “too far”.

The guest of honour was Mrs. Titilope Adigun; CEO of Mine Teenage Ministry. She gave her speech about purity. She mentioned that a conscious effort must be made in order to ensure that purity is attained. She explained God’s desire for us regarding sex: sex is pure but only when it is between married couples. She also said that we are a product of influence so we should watch what influences us. She summarized her speech by telling us to be careful of emotional entanglements and if we would not stay pure for ourselves, we should do it for people who are watching us because purity is possible.

A lot of questions were raised during the conference. One of such is that when is the right time to start dating? Mrs Titilope answered that by saying you can only start dating when you are matured enough to handle the pressure that comes with dating. Another question was that is it possible to stay pure and what if you have in a way or another lost your purity? Mrs Adigun answered by saying it is possible to remain pure and keep yourself intact until marriage as long as you do not start what you cannot finish. She then said if you have lost your purity, God gives more than second chances to everyone.

At this point, a game was played where a long sentence was whispered to a person and that person was told to whisper the sentence until it gets to the last person. The last person then had to come out to tell us the sentence.

The CEO of LEARNURA, Mr Caleb Ojo came on stage to appreciate everyone who came. He talked about purity. He mentioned that it is rewarding to stay pure.

He also said that we should not stay away from people who care about us because we might need someone to talk to as regards certain issues.

Refreshment was given to everybody in attendance after which a Learnurite, Adedeji Yeshua, gave the vote of thanks.

The conference then came to an end with a closing prayer as it was also declared open with prayers.

The master of ceremony was a Learnurite, Damola. She did an awesome job by making the conference one of a kind.


By Faith Olaniyi

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