Learnura valentine’s day report

It is no longer news that every year on February 14 we all celebrate love. Some celebrate it and don’t know the reason for the celebration. Some celebrate it and end up regretting it. That is why learnura organised this program so as to enlighten youths on how and what should be done on this day. Take your pen and book and jot down the vital points because it will help you.

This program was slated to start by 12pm which started 12pm sharp. It was co ordinated by Inioluwa. It started with an opening prayer by Abisola. The next item was to introduce one another. Then, the program kicked off with our first speaker Ikenechukwu who gave the history of valentine’s day. He made us realise why it was celebrated. The day gets its name from a famous saint, but there are several stories of who he was.The popular belief about St Valentine is that he was a priest from Rome in the third century AD.Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage because he thought married men were bad soldiers. Valentine felt this was unfair, so he broke the rules and arranged marriages in secret. when Claudius found out, Valentine was thrown in jail and sentenced to death.There, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and when he was taken to be killed on 14 February he sent her a love letter signed “from your Valentine”. He made us realise that valentine’s day isn’t just in February but in June and September too. What a story! He went on to tell us that this day isn’t just for two lovers but for everyone. You can celebrate it by taking yourself out and visting orphanages, by giving out things to your friends and family. He concluded by telling us to love our neighbours as ourselves, not more not less. After that,the MC of the day Inioluwa gave some lecture on doing what is right and self control. He started by explaining the part of doing what is right on valentine’s day. He gave us the following points to note:

1)We should Learn to define your relationship well with people so you won’t end up in a relationship you are not aware of.

2) We should not be taken in by material gifts from the opposite sex so you won’t end up receiving an everlasting gift

3)We should never uderestimate the power of lust. Develop the habit of self-control. So you won’t end up broadcasting your sexuality.

4) Avoid participating in dirty jokes. It could corrupt your thinking leading you into dirty actions.

He rounded it up by saying that in all we do lets not forget to exercise self control,  it’s highly vital.

The next speaker was Faith who spoke on when and how to choose the right partner. She said in her words,’Dating is one of the most amazing things that can happen in one’s life.  It feels good to have someone who loves us with all their heart. That brings us to the big question-when exactly is the right time to start dating?  I’d answer that in a sentence, it’d be-*”when you can already afford to align your life with some else’s life’. She gave us these tangible points to note down:

1)Never go into a relationship if you don’t have an identity of your own so you won’t end up hiding under your partner all your life.

2) Dating isn’t a matter of trial and error. if you do not plan to make God’s standard our standards, we would end up following the world’s standards.

She concluded by saying; Dating is about choice, NEVER EVER be pressured into it.

Hmmm, surely you have made some mistakes at some point in your life but you are struggling to get out of it. Dear Reader, the fact that one boy or girl left you doesn’t mean it’s the End of the world. You wondering how to get out of this heartbreak issue, learn from the next speaker on what to do to correct your mistake and how to heal from it.

The next speaker was Bomi. She spoke on correcting your mistake and how to heal from it. She made us realise that in life as long as you are humans, you are bound to make mistakes. It’s your choice to either dwell on it, amplify it, deny it or learn from it. He/she broke your heart, you now decided to start crying and thinking of killing yourself. That is not the next thing. It’s not bad to cry but after d tears, what next? Move on. Take your time. Heal from it. Focus on your goals. She went further to give us these points to note:

1)After a break up, take time to heal. The poison of pain took time to enter so it will take time to go.

2)During the process of healing from an heartbreak, surround yourself with people that love you and things you love to do. It helps your healing.

Girls, that boy that is telling you that you are beautiful and you are blushing. He is saying you are sexy and he is using style to touch you as he is praising you, Be careful o. That low self esteem that you have that is making you to forget who you are and making you dance to his tunes, Miss Todimu, our next speaker is here to help you.

Todimu spoke on self respect and dignity of a lady before she enters into a relationship. She made us realise that you being single as a lady is better than sacrificing your self respect in your relationship. She said there are three main factors that makes a girl have low self esteem which are stated:

1. The family she comes from

2. The environment she grew up in

3. What she thinks of herself.

She made us realise that the parent child relationship is important. Make your child feel loved so she won’t feel she lacks it and go get it outside. She said we should be confident in ourselves. We should encourage ourselves. She said not everyone can love you or accept the way you are but there will always be those that truly accept the way you are and love you like that so why not stick to those people rather than trying to change yourself for those who never accepted you and That’s why being in a relationship where you have to change so much about yourself is not healthy because it will never last.

After Todimu educated us, Miss Deborah gave us tips on how to know if you should avoid a relationship or end it.

She gave three factors that are giving you signals to end it which are fear, pride and lust. She said once this three is greater than the love you feel it is safer to leave.

Then Mentor Caleb rounded up the program by giving us a lot of advice about going into a relationship. He said to the girls;

1) Do not chase a man. Let him chase you. There is a reason why they are called MALE(ma le in yoruba means chase her) and you are called FEMALE(fe ma le which means you wish to chase him).

2)Learn to ask questions and seek your mentors or anyone older before you say yes to Him.

3) Make sure He is financially okay. No trial and error method. Make sure He is the type that has met God’s standards.

4) Above all, seek spiritual help by praying and asking God for directions.

He said to the boys;

1) No woman likes a weak man. Brace up and act like a man. Don’t let love turn you into a woman wrapper. Be a leader.If you are not strong, do not get into any relationship as a boy. She needs a strong man with broad shoulders 😊

2)Never love a girl so much that you begin to lick her leg. This is not love, it is foolishness.You should never compromise your safety just to please a girl. Any girl that you are the only one doing for is using you.

He concluded by saying, if you are in a terrible case, tell yourself the truth. This person doesn’t love me, Come out. Why not get yourself a valentine’s gift and end the relationship?

That was how the day went. Do well to give us feedback and you can message us privately if you have any relationship problems and you need help. Don’t forget WE ARE LEARNURA. WE ARE SAVING THE NEXT GENERATION.

BY – Abisola Ojediran

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